420 Mainsail
  World Champion Sails, as used by both the 2009 mens and womens World Champions.  We stock all the North Sails Japan models, as well as making our own designs.  For more details contact Derek Scott or Jim Maloney.
This main sail design was developed after a lot of hard work, doing 6 trial designs before we perfected this design. The main focus was having the sail with the correct entry angle, as of the windward sheeted jib, the correct lower depth and twist as the bridle traveller means the boom can’t be centered all the time, and with enough depth in the top of the sail to give comfortable power to the sailors.  
420 Headsail    As with the main sail design, there is particular way of using with the jib, which is playing both leeward and windward sheets, as the eyelet to lead the jib sheet on the deck was designed in a bad position. This makes getting the perfect design complicated. We worked hard on leech profile and depth down low, so with using the windward jib sheet the leech profile is even. It has comfortable entry angle making it easy to steer in both the choppy and flat water. Again the focus was on the ease of trim for the sailor, so then the sailor knows they are fast and can then concentrate on racing.
420 Spinnaker    The design built based on our most popular 470 design performs great at both running and reaching. Biggest project area, easy to trim, good organized balanced depth through top to bottom makes the trimming easier. As the depth itself is a little flatter, you can play the spinnaker pole height to make it stable when required. Having the spinnaker with maximum area but flat means the sail is fast on both the reaching legs and also the run.

Click here for a 420 tuning guide